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Registered Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue / Pain Management

Sports Massage / Injury Recovery

Pre & Post Natal Massage

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Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage

ayurvedic THERAPY

Prakriti / Constitution Analysis

Abhyanga / Oleation Massage

Marma Point Therapy

Foot Reflexology

Crystal Chakra Balancing

How Frequently Should I be getting a Massage ?

As always, the answer is It Depends: 

Do you work out regularly?

Do you sit at a desk for 7 hours or more a day? 

Are you pregnant?

Are you experiencing pain on a regular basis? 

Are you as flexible as you would like to be? 

Are you as vibrant and energized as you wish to be?

The short of the story is, we all need massage for a lot of different reasons.  That’s why I chose this profession- I wanted to help everyone feel better in their body and mind.  I have treated so many different complaints during my four years as a massage therapist, and I have found the following guidelines to be very useful when considering how often we should get a massage:

It is recommended to get a massage once a month for "maintenance" which can prevent injury, increase overall energy, work out the day to day kinks, and simply treat yourself to something you enjoy that feels good.  People who work for long hours at a desk should get massage at least once a month to prevent poor posture, increase circulation to the lower legs and gluteal muscles, and reduce tension in the upper back, neck, and jaw.

It is recommended to get a massage once every two to three weeks if you are pregnant, training hard at the gym, or spend a lot of time on your feet.

It is recommended to get a massage once a week if you are overcoming an injury, experiencing frequent headaches, anxiety, or depression, or any kind of acute pain.  Once your symptoms subside, then less frequent massage is needed.

Package Rates are available.  See Rates for more details.